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2020.05.02 Saturday

Harp range and scale


Arrangement of harp range and scale notes that is possible with glissando.
I wrote the memo last year when I asked a composer who had no experience with harp to arrange.

One day I was sitting in the classroom.
Eventually, the teacher came into the classroom. The teacher is a twisted person, a devil, and a look that seems to be troublesome.
I feel like looking at myself in the mirror.
The test was handed out. Is this math?

[Question 1]
 When you play the scale from the C1 string to the B1 string with the double action harp you normally play, answer how many arrangements there are in the sound. However, each string shall be played once in sequence.

[My Answer]
 This is 3 to the 7th power, and there are 2187 possible answers. The double-action harp has seven pedals at its feet, which can be placed in three places, upper, middle, and lower. This is because the arrangement determines all the sounds from the C1 string to the G7 string.

[Question 2]
 When you play the scale in order from the C1 string to the B1 string in the double action harp, please answer how many patterns the notes have.

[My Answer]
 Ummm... C1 and D1 strings, D1 and E1 strings, F1 and G1 strings, G1 and A1 strings, A1 and B1 strings have the same sound 243 times, 243 x 5 = 1215 times in total. . Also, there are 486 patterns where the E1 and F1 strings have the same sound, so 2187- (1215 + 486) = 486 patterns ……
No, not! For example, in the scale of C # D ♭ EFGAB, the first two tones are synonymous, but since the number of tones is only reduced from 7 to 6, this can also be counted as one of the patterns. Therefore, this question should be OK with 2187 patterns.

The time has passed and the test is over.
The teacher's commentary has begun. 
My answer was wrong. 

It is not possible to limit the number of notes in an octave to 12 because the harp sound is a kind of analog art and the tuning is constantly changing.

After all that teacher was a captious. I felt like looking myself in a mirror. What kind of test was it?

...I woke up. What a complicated dream I had!

Maybe it was because my brain was damaged by long heat wave for days. 
I had a headache and dizziness during work today, and my limbs and face were gradually numbing. 

The harp. Even if the tuning goes wrong, there is a limit to each of the 47 strings that can be loosened to produce a sound. I wonder what kind of calculation can be used to solve it.
An electric harp is  "A4 = 442Hz and all strings are tuned correctly".
In the first place, was my answer correct even on the assumption that it is an electric harp? I also want to see a dream that another teacher will come out and explain.

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2019.10.21 Monday


I decided to add one harp cart.
I chose HARPO, a product of Musikhaus Fackler of Germany, considering that it can be compact as possible, and if possible the wheels are tires, and it is extensively used in various regions.

First of all, I emailed which harp model I use and if it could be shipped to my country, and then asked which of the three HARPO models would be best.
In the inquiry e-mail, I wrote both English and German, but the reply arrived in English.

There are three types of HARPO, and two of them (the Standard HARPO, the HARPO with brake) can be used for normal grand harp. 
The other one (the HARPO XL) is a product for single action pedal harp, it can be shipped to my country, and only bank transfer supported.
I often carry the downhill steps by myself, so I chose a model with a brake.

I sent an order mail by replying to the above.
 "The model with a brake will be made to order". So I expected that the delivery date will be around next year ... However reply mail said "It will be delivered within two days. We sent it by DHL. Please pay for it within two weeks after the item arrives."
Well, I'm a little surprised that it's okay if I payed later. 
I wonder how many days it will take for DHL delivery.

The harp cart arrived four days after from Germany. How fast an air parcel is!

when it arrives  
When folded (left) and when carrying a harp (right)  


The price is 671.43 EURO for HARPO and 98 EURO for shipping. Invoice says No tax included. When the postman delivered it, I paid 4,800 yen, which is a consumption tax of 4,600 yen and a customs fee of 200 yen, in cash.

I tried moving the dolly. Since the wheels are tire type, there is little vibration when carrying and the carrying stress is likely to be considerably reduced.
A notice is included in the cardboard box: "To reduce the effects of atmospheric pressure when shipping by air, we ship to air pressures below 2 bar / 29 psi recommended for this tire. When actually using HARPO, make sure the tires have the proper pressure. "

Various unit systems are adopted by each country.
2 bar (2x100kPa = 200kPa)
≃ 29 psi (pound-force per square inch)
≃ 2 kgf / cm²

I think I'll be able to manage it if I keep in mind.
The air pressure gauge for my bicycle inflator had two unit notations, psi and kPa.
However, the valve did not fit. Because my pump is compatible with French valves (presta valve), but this cart is American (shrader valve).

After all, I brought the tires of the cart to a bicycle shop in the neighborhood and inflated them and had them adjusted.

I visited this bicycle shop for the first time, was surprised to hear that the shop owner is a musician. He said that the harp cart isn't a bicycle, so air for free. 
He promised to service my harp cart. What a good luck!

Since the payment for the harp cart cannot be done by credit card, I made a bank transfer using https://transferwise.com/jp this time.
The fee is about 3,500 yen less than paying from my own bank account.
When I transfer money from my account to the Transferwise account, it will transfer it overseas. 
A personal number is required for use. 
I took a photo of the resident card with my personal number and attached it, and  was able to transfer money without problems. (However, the resident card must be issued within 6 months after issuance.)
It takes about 10 days from the time of user registration until the arrival of the payment.

It's a convenient world. The other day I ordered a harp string from the United States and it arrived in about 4 days. It takes 2 days to send luggage from Tokyo to Kyushu by courier, so it feels strange.

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2019.02.15 Friday

Harp goods [18]


Bought 7 years ago on eBay. Made in Holland.

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2019.02.15 Friday

Harp Goods [17]


LLEDO die cast car.
LLEDO Guinness series hasn't been around so much, but it got on eBay about 10 years ago.

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2019.02.15 Friday

Harp Goods [16]


Stamp for writing the harp pedal symbol.
Purchased on eBay about 10 years ago.

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2019.01.25 Friday




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2018.12.09 Sunday



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2018.11.25 Sunday


ハーピストのSasha Boldachev氏のSNSに "To the memory of professor Josef Molnar" で始まり "Let his heritage live forever" で締めくくられたメッセージを見て、今回の訃報を知った。合掌。

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2018.11.24 Saturday


うむ。世間では三連休なのだから、休もう♪ いろいろと。

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2018.11.23 Friday

ハープ雑貨たち [15]


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