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2019.09.01 Sunday

Tom and Jerry and Orchestra

 I went to a very rare concert where I enjoyed the immortal cartoon “Tom&Jerry”, with screen music and sound effect by  live orchestras and jazz bands. Sometimes watched actual images of "Tom& Jerry" on a big screen.

 "Tom and Jerry" was written by William Hanna (1910-2001) and Joseph Barbera (1911-2006), who belonged to Metro Goldwin Mayer (MGM) in the United States. 2020 is the 80th  anniversary of birth.Prior to this, "Tom&Jerry" exhibitions will be held in Tokyo and Osaka this year, and music plays will be performed in Shibuya.
 The navigator was Mr. Wataru Komada, a popular voice actor. As a voice actor, he was in charge of not only the narration in the play but also the voice of Uncle Bull.
 Commentator Chikara Uemizutaru  studied Tom&Jerry music at Tokyo University of the Arts and took his doctorate. The reason why the classic songs are used frequently in Tom&Jerry is that, like classical music, Tom&Jerry also has a desire to remain as a masterpiece in future generations.
 Composer Scott Bradley (1891-1977) was a genius because he learned both composition and orchestration by himself.
 The performance of  the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra led by the conductor Taizo Takemoto and the jazz band led by jazz drummer Kazuyoshi Kuroda was great. How did they practice such difficult works? I wanted to see the practice scene and orchestral score.
 It seems that jazz drummer must continue to hit the drums without any breaks. (How much calories will be consumed in one live ... lol.)
 CHIAKi's piano was also powerful, comical and wonderful. This was a performance that encourages people. I was also in charge of sound effects in the play using various kitchen utensils and syringe-like items.
 I saw a monitor-like object that projected the video next to the piano music stand.How did she play the piano with seeing the score, the hand and the monitor look at that time. She must have been memorized all musical scores.
 Johann Strauss's "Die Fledermaus " overture, harpist  has no turn in this work, but in "Tom &Jerry", the harp grisand was added as a sound effect in the middle of this song.
 In addition, a popular waltz such as “An der schönen, blauen Donau” often performed in New Year's Concert,was performed.The harp was placed stage left, near the front of the contrabass. At the second half harp had no turn, and a person who seemed to be stage manager was carrying harp alone during the break.
 The program was as follows.
  ・ Quiet Please! 1945
  ・ Johann Mouse 1953
  ・ Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl 1950
  ・ Special Corner: "Music of Tom and Jerry"
  ・ Saturday Evening Puss 1950
  ・ Mouse Trouble 1944
  ・ The Cat Concerto 1947

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